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AAWP – Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin 3.30.12


AAWP (Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin) was an immensely popular and widely utilized plugin among affiliate marketers and bloggers seeking to monetize their websites by promoting Amazon products. Please be aware that updates or modifications to the plugin may have occurred since then – therefore it would be prudent to visit their official website or check for the latest information in the WordPress plugin repository for up-to-date details.

“Transform your WordPress website into a golden gateway to Amazon’s treasures with the AAWP Plugin – where affiliate dreams turn into shining reality.”

Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin

Here is an in-depth analysis of AAWP from available information as of 2021:

1. Objectives:

Affiliate Marketing:

AAWP was specifically created for Amazon Associates affiliate marketers who wish to integrate products and product details easily into their WordPress websites as part of Amazon’s Affiliate Program and earn commissions through sales generated through their affiliate links.

2. Features:


Product Boxes/Tables:

AAWP allows you to build product boxes or tables that display Amazon products on your website, with customizable displays that complement its design and layout.

Product Details:

This plugin gives access to an abundance of product data sourced directly from Amazon’s API (Application Programming Interface).

Automatic Updates:

AAWP offers automated product information updates at regular intervals, so your website always features accurate and up-to-date details.


By geo-targeting products to your website visitors based on their location, geo-targeting allows you to improve their relevancy.

Comparison Tables:

AAWP makes it possible for you to easily create product comparison tables that are great for product review websites, offering multiple products with their key features side-by-side for easier comparing.

Buttons for Call to Action (CTA):

Customizable Call to Action buttons will encourage visitors to click your affiliate links and complete a purchase.

Templates and Styling Options:

AAWP provides various templates and styling options to allow you to tailor the appearance of product boxes and tables to match the aesthetic of your website’s design.

Analytics Integration:

Certain versions of AAWP include integration with Google Analytics to help track the effectiveness of affiliate links and products.

Responsive Design:

The plugin was built to be responsive so that your Amazon product listings will look their best regardless of device. This includes desktop and mobile.

3. User Friendliness:

AAWP stands out with its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned WordPress users alike. Typically, its setup process involves providing your Amazon API credentials before customizing its settings to meet the requirements of your site.

4. Pricing:

AAWP provides various pricing plans based on the number of websites and features required, as well as potential fluctuations over time. For accurate information regarding prices, visit their website frequently for the most up-to-date pricing data.

5. Support and Updates:

The AAWP team provides customer service and updates regularly to keep their plugin compatible with new versions of WordPress and Amazon’s API. Users can generally find documentation, FAQs, and contact support for assistance.

6. Compliance:

To use AAWP effectively and legally, it’s essential that users follow Amazon Associates Program policies and regulations, including proper disclosure of affiliate relationships as well as complying with Amazon’s terms of service agreement.

AAWP is an outstanding WordPress plugin developed specifically to meet the needs of affiliate marketers promoting Amazon products. This tool makes the process of incorporating Amazon products into WordPress sites more seamless while offering customization options to enhance the user experience.

Since software and plugins may change over time, it’s essential that before making a decision about AAWP you first check its official website or within the WordPress plugin repository for their most up-to-date features, pricing options, and support offerings before making a final choice.

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Boost affiliate earnings with AAWP – the ultimate Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin. Effortlessly display and update products on your site.

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