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AmaLinks Pro + Tables – Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin


An Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is a tool designed to make it easier for affiliate marketers to promote Amazon products on WordPress websites, making them especially helpful for bloggers, content creators, and website owners looking to earn commissions by referring customers to Amazon’s products.

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Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Common features

Here are some features commonly included in an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin:

Product Linking:

These plugins make searching for and inserting Amazon product links quickly and conveniently into your content, often by keywords, ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), or categories.

Product Display:

When used with Amazon plugins, these tools enable you to display their products in various forms; such as text links or image links with price, rating, and “Buy Now” buttons.


Some plugins can detect visitors’ locations automatically and redirect them directly to their local Amazon store, increasing your chance of earning commissions.

Amazon API Integration:

Many plugins integrate with Amazon’s Product Advertising API, providing access to up-to-date product info, images, and pricing directly from Amazon.

Link Management:

They often include tools for managing your affiliate links, such as automatically adding your Amazon affiliate tag or optimizing link structures for better SEO.

Tables in Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:

Tables can be an essential asset of Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins as they organize product information in an accessible and user-friendly format.

Here’s an example of their use within such plugins:

Comparison Tables:

With comparison tables, you can provide visitors with information to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Top Product Lists:

Tables can be an effective way of showcasing a curated list of Amazon’s best-rated or top-selling products in any given category, where each row represents an individual product with pertinent details.

Customizable Styling:

Many plugins provide the option for users to tailor the look and style of their tables so they seamlessly match your website design and branding, providing seamless content integration.

Filtering and Sorting:

Some plugins offer filtering and sorting functions for tables, enabling users to arrange products based on criteria like price, rating or popularity.

Responsive Design:

An expertly crafted plugin will guarantee that your tables are responsive and look fantastic across various devices – such as smartphones and tablets.

Before selecting an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin, it’s essential to conduct extensive research and compare various options available – including “AmaLinks Pro + Tables,” if available. Consider features that align with your affiliate marketing strategy as well as up-to-date, well-supported plugins compliant with Amazon’s affiliate program policies and user reviews and support resources when making an informed decision.

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