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Dokan Pro Multi Vendor Business Online Marketplace 3.9.2


Dokan Pro is a WordPress plugin designed to create and manage a multi-vendor online marketplace. It allows you to transform your WordPress website into a platform where multiple vendors can sign up, create their own stores, and sell products collectively.

This type of marketplace model has gained popularity due to its potential to offer a wide variety of products to customers while allowing individual vendors to manage their own stores and inventory.

“Empower vendors, inspire trust, and create a thriving online marketplace with Dokan Pro – where storefronts become identities, products become stories, and collaboration becomes success.”

Dokan Pro Multi Vendor Business

Key Features:

  • Vendor Storefronts
  • Product Management
  • Commission System
  • Frontend Dashboard
  • Order Management
  • Vendor Reviews and Ratings
  • Flexible Product Types
  • Withdrawal System
  • Shipping and Tax Settings
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Payment Gateways
  • Customization

Vendor Storefronts:

Each vendor gets their own storefront with a unique URL, where they can customize their branding, display their products, set prices, and manage their store settings.

Product Management:

Vendors can add and manage their products, including descriptions, images, pricing, and inventory. The admin can review and moderate products before they are published on the marketplace.

Commission System:

Dokan Pro supports a commission-based earning model, where the marketplace owner can set a percentage or fixed amount of commission on each sale made by vendors. This allows the marketplace owner to generate revenue from vendor sales.

Frontend Dashboard:

Vendors get access to a frontend dashboard where they can manage their store, add or edit products, view sales reports, and handle customer orders.

Order Management:

Vendors can manage their own orders, mark orders as shipped, and communicate directly with customers regarding their purchases.

Vendor Reviews and Ratings:

Customers can leave reviews and ratings for each vendor based on their experience, helping build trust and reputation within the marketplace.

Flexible Product Types:

Dokan Pro supports various product types, including simple products, variable products with different options, downloadable products, and even booking and auction products.

Withdrawal System:

Vendors can request withdrawals of their earned money, and the admin can set rules for when and how withdrawals are processed.

Shipping and Tax Settings:

Vendors can configure their own shipping options and tax settings for their products, providing flexibility and control.

Multi-Language Support:

Dokan Pro is translation-ready, allowing you to create a multi-lingual marketplace to cater to a global audience.

Mobile Responsiveness:

The marketplace created using Dokan Pro is designed to be responsive and user-friendly on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Payment Gateways:

The plugin supports integration with various payment gateways, allowing customers to make payments using their preferred methods.


Dokan Pro provides customization options to tweak the appearance and functionality of the marketplace to match your brand’s identity and requirements.

Installation and Setup:

  1. WordPress: You need to have a WordPress website up and running.
  2. Plugin Installation: Purchase and install the Dokan Pro plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.
  3. Configuration: Set up the commission structure, payment gateways, and other essential settings for your marketplace.
  4. Vendor Registration: Vendors can register and create their own stores after you’ve set up the plugin.
  5. Approval and Moderation: You can choose to moderate vendor registrations and product listings to maintain quality control.

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Dokan Pro: Where commission meets collaboration. Elevate your online marketplace with vendor storefronts, reviews, and flexible product management.

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