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FiboSearch Pro – AJAX Search for WooCommerce


FiboSearch Pro: AJAX Search for WooCommerce is an advanced and feature-packed AJAX search plugin developed specifically to meet the search requirements of websites running WooCommerce e-commerce platforms such as WordPress.

This plugin extends WooCommerce’s default search capability by offering advanced capabilities such as AJAX-powered instant search, autocomplete functionality, and various customization settings to enhance and facilitate shopping experiences for both customers and online store owners alike.

It aims to deliver an improved and seamless shopping experience that improves shopping experiences for all.

“Empower your online store with FiboSearch Pro – where instant discovery meets seamless shopping, and every search becomes a step closer to finding the perfect treasure.”

FiboSearch Pro

Here is an in-depth breakdown of FiboSearch Pro’s key features and advantages:

  1. AJAX-Powered Instant Search
  2. Autocomplete Suggestions
  3. Search Filters and Categories
  4. Product Thumbnails and Descriptions
  5. Customization Options
  6. Smart Search Algorithm
  7. Mobile Responsive
  8. Performance Optimization
  9. Compatibility
  10. Analytics and Insights

AJAX-Powered Instant Search

FiboSearch Pro utilizes AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology to deliver real-time search results as users enter queries into its search box, thus updating dynamically without necessitating an “Enter” key press or new page load – helping users quickly locate products while decreasing bounce rate on online stores.

This real-time instantaneous search functionality ensures users find what they are searching for faster while decreasing bounce rates on websites that utilize FiboSearch Pro technology.

Autocomplete Suggestions

As users type their search query, FiboSearch Pro creates autocomplete suggestions based on products available in your WooCommerce store. These may include product names, categories, tags or attributes which ensure users quickly discover relevant items even if their exact search terms are uncertain.

Search Filters and Categories:

This plugin gives users the power to filter search results according to category, making it simpler and faster for them to locate items that meet their interests. This enhances user experience by offering a convenient means for accessing specific types of products.

Product Images and Descriptions:

FiboSearch Pro displays product thumbnails and brief descriptions directly in search results, giving users a visual representation that aids them in making informed choices regarding which items they wish to explore further and provides for an engaging shopping experience.

Customizability Options:

The plugin offers customizable search result displays so store owners can personalize the search interface to fit seamlessly with their site design and branding elements, including layout, colors, fonts, and visual elements that create an aesthetically pleasing search interface.

Smart Search Algorithm

FiboSearch Pro features an intelligent search algorithm that takes into account various criteria, including relevance and popularity when listing search results for products. This ensures users see only relevant and popular ones first among search results.

Mobile Responsiveness:

Our plugin has been carefully constructed to be fully responsive, meaning it works seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes, such as smartphones and tablets, providing users with an optimal shopping experience regardless of which device is being used to access our online store. This ensures a consistently positive customer journey throughout.

Performance Optimization

FiboSearch Pro has been optimized for performance to make sure it won’t bog down your website and can deliver instantaneous search results, minimizing loading times while offering immediate accessibility.


Our plugin was specifically created for WooCommerce websites to ensure seamless integration with both its framework and extensions – making installation and setup much simpler! This compatibility expedites both processes significantly.

Analytics and Insights:

FiboSearch Pro can offer analytics and insights related to user search behavior, such as popular queries or often clicked products. With such insights in hand, store owners can make more informed decisions regarding product placement, marketing strategies, or even promotional activities for their store(s).

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AJAX Search for WooCommerce is an advanced and feature-packed AJAX search plugin developed specifically to meet the search requirements of websites running WooCommerce e-commerce platforms such as WordPress.

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