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MonsterInsights Custom Dimensions Addon 2.1.0


MonsterInsights Custom Dimensions Addon: MonsterInsights is an accessible WordPress plugin designed to assist website owners and administrators in easily incorporating Google Analytics into their WordPress sites. This user-friendly solution offers metrics tracking tools that track page views, traffic sources, user behavior analysis, and more – directly from within WordPress’ dashboard!

MonsterInsights’ advanced features include the Custom Dimensions addon. Custom Dimensions enable you to track and analyze specific data points that fall outside the normal scope of Google Analytics – This functionality can provide greater insights into user behavior while meeting specific business goals, making more informed decisions about your website, and taking more informed steps about improving it.

“Empower your insights with MonsterInsights Custom Dimensions – where data becomes wisdom and analytics shape brilliance.”

MonsterInsights Custom Dimensions Addon

Here is a detailed overview of the MonsterInsights Custom Dimensions addon:

What are Google Analytics Custom Dimensions?

Custom Dimensions provide additional tracking points that you can attach to your website’s tracking data in Google Analytics. Custom Dimensions enable you to segment and categorize user interactions beyond standard dimensions such as page views, traffic sources, and demographics – ultimately helping to track and analyze information relevant to your website’s goals and structure.

MonsterInsights Custom Dimensions Addon:

MonsterInsights has developed an addon specifically tailored to make using Custom Dimensions on WordPress easier, eliminating manual coding and technical expertise as you set up and manage them directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Easy Setup
  • Flexible Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Segmentation
  • Improved Insights
  • Integration with MonsterInsights

Easy Setup:

The Custom Dimensions addon makes configuring Custom Dimensions simpler, without needing to dig through code on your website to do it. Configuring them without issue.

Flexible Tracking:

Our flexible tracking capabilities allow us to define Custom Dimensions that align with your business goals, such as tracking user roles (subscriber, author, and editor), membership levels, download categories, product types and much more.

Event Tracking:

This addon supports event tracking with Custom Dimensions so that you can monitor specific user interactions such as button clicks, form submissions, video views, or any other crucial actions for site performance.


Custom Dimensions provide enhanced segmentation options in Google Analytics reports, enabling you to filter and analyze data based on Custom Dimensions you create – providing insights into how different groups of visitors engage with your website.

Improved Insights:

By employing Custom Dimensions, you can gain insights into user behavior that extend beyond standard metrics. This enables data-driven decisions for better user experiences, content strategies and marketing efforts.

Integration with MonsterInsights:

MonsterInsights plugin and integrate seamlessly, ensuring that Custom Dimensions are tracked and reported properly within Google Analytics account.

Use Cases:

  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Membership Sites
  • Content Analysis
  • Form Submissions
  • Localization and Languages

Ecommerce Tracking:

If you operate an online store, Custom Dimensions can help track product categories, brands, and user actions related to purchases.

Membership Sites:

Websites with membership models allow for tracking membership levels and user engagement according to roles.

Content Analysis:

Custom Dimensions can assist in understanding how users respond to various forms of content, such as blog posts, videos, and infographics.

Form Submissions:

If your site offers forms, Custom Dimensions can help keep track of submissions and user interactions.

Localization and Languages:

If your audience spans multiple languages or regions, creating Custom Dimensions to track user preferences and behaviors specific to those segments could help.

Please be aware that software features and capabilities may have changed since my last update. For the latest information regarding the MonsterInsights Custom Dimensions addon, always consult their documentation or resources.

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Gain profound insights with the MonsterInsights Custom Dimensions addon. Track user behavior, tailor analytics, and refine strategies right from WordPress.

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