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MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon 8.4.0


MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon: MonsterInsights is an advanced WordPress plugin developed specifically to integrate Google Analytics seamlessly with WordPress websites, enabling website owners and administrators to easily link their WordPress website with Google Analytics in order to collect vital data regarding performance, user engagement, traffic sources and much more.

MonsterInsights at that time focused mainly on general website analytics without an eCommerce-specific addon. But since things could have changed since then, I suggest checking both their official website and WordPress plugin repository for the most up-to-date information.

“Empower your online journey with MonsterInsights eCommerce addon – where data illuminates the path to eCommerce success on WordPress.”

MonsterInsights may have implemented an eCommerce addon, so here is what to expect if that happens:

MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon

MonsterInsights eCommerce addon, should it exist, would likely serve as a premium extension to the main MonsterInsights plugin and provide enhanced Google Analytics tracking capabilities specifically tailored towards eCommerce websites running on WordPress.

Key Features: eCommerce Tracking.

Add-ons might provide more advanced tracking of eCommerce-specific events and activities, such as product impressions, clicks, cart addition/deletion activity, initiating checkout process completion, etc. These events would give retailers insight into user behavior within their stores.

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Product Performance
  • Analysing Shopping Behavior
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Segmentation and Custom Reports
  • Event Tracking
  • Integrations

Conversion Tracking:

eCommerce businesses rely on conversion tracking as an essential component. An addon could allow you to set and monitor various goals such as completed purchases, sign-ups and other key actions so as to measure how effectively their website drives conversions.

Product Performance:

This addon offers detailed reports on how individual products are performing, such as which are being viewed the most, frequently added to carts and producing the highest revenue.

Analysing Shopping Behavior:

Your eCommerce funnel data may reveal user behaviour during the shopping experience – from viewing products, adding them to the cart and ultimately completing purchases. This data could help identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

Revenue Tracking:

This add-on allows you to monitor eCommerce revenue directly within the WordPress dashboard, including total revenue, average order value and other key financial indicators.

Segmentation and Custom Reports:

As part of its ability to provide actionable insights, this addon may allow users to create custom reports and segments based on various criteria, including product categories, customer demographics, referral sources and so on.

Event Tracking:

Additionally, for eCommerce-related events, custom event tracking may also be possible. This could involve tracking interactions with specific elements on your eCommerce pages, such as clicks on banner ads or video play buttons.


The addon may provide integrations with popular eCommerce plugins and platforms used with WordPress, such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Installation and Usage:

Supposing your addon exists, the installation and usage process likely includes these steps:

  • Purchase and Download
  • Installation
  • Setting Up
  • Tag Management
  • Viewing Reports

Purchase and Download:

Once purchased from MonsterInsights’ website, an eCommerce addon should be immediately accessible for download with its own license key and download link.


With WordPress dashboard-based installation and activation, this addon can be quickly uploaded and activated just like any other plugin.

Setting Up:

Set up the settings of your addon by connecting it to Google Analytics and activating enhanced eCommerce tracking features.

Tag Management:

Depending on the addon’s functionality, you may require adding extra tracking codes or configuring certain settings within Google Analytics.

Viewing Reports:

Once the addon has been configured and tracking data, you should be able to access eCommerce-specific reports directly in your WordPress dashboard. These may include sales performance data, shopping behaviour stats or product-related metrics.

Please be aware that all details provided here are only estimates based on typical features found in an eCommerce addon for an analytics plugin like MonsterInsights. For accurate and up-to-date information, I suggest visiting their official website or searching the WordPress plugin repository.

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