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MonsterInsights Forms Tracking Addon


MonsterInsights Forms Tracking Addon: MonsterInsights is an award-winning WordPress plugin created to integrate Google Analytics seamlessly with WordPress websites, making it easier for website owners and administrators to track various metrics and gain insight into site performance without accessing Google Analytics directly. One such feature offered by MonsterInsights is the Forms Tracking addon – which provides another convenient method of tracking metrics from within WordPress websites without directly going through Google Analytics itself.

MonsterInsights Forms Tracking add-on aims at helping users understand how visitors engage with forms on their WordPress website, such as contact forms, subscription forms, or surveys. Tracking form interactions provides invaluable insight into user behavior, such as conversion rates or experience – this add-on makes this possible by seamlessly integrating into an existing MonsterInsights setup.

“Unveil the hidden paths of user engagement with MonsterInsights Forms Tracking. Every form holds a story of interaction, leading to the treasure of conversions.”

MonsterInsights Forms Tracking Addon

Here are a few key features and elements of the MonsterInsights Forms Tracking addon:

  • Event Tracking
  • Track Form Submissions to Monitor Conversion Rates
  • An Analysis of Form Abandonment
  • Engagement Analysis
  • Customizability and Settings
  • Compatibility
  • Reports and Dashboards

Event Tracking:

This add-on makes event tracking possible for form submissions. Events allow for user interaction that can be tracked independently from pageviews; form submissions should therefore, be treated as events to provide insight into their number and analyze how often they occur.

Track Form Submissions to Monitor Conversion Rates:

Form submission tracking can be essential when building conversion-focused websites, so setting goals within Google Analytics to track form submission events allows you to monitor their effectiveness by tracking conversion rates.

An Analysis of Form Abandonment:

Key Insights and Considerations for Managers. Not every visitor who begins filling out your forms actually submit it; with this addon you can track form abandonment rates to gain insight into potential pain points in form filling process and optimize forms to provide better user experiences and boost conversion rates.

Engagement Analysis:

By tracking form interactions, user engagement analysis becomes possible. For instance, by determining which forms draw higher user interest, this data can aid designers in designing more engaging forms.

Customizability and Settings:

Forms Tracking addon allows you to personalize the tracking parameters to meet your unique requirements, from selecting which forms or events should be tracked through to setting label preferences or customizing other settings as necessary.


For maximum versatility and use across an array of websites, your addon should be compatible with popular form plugins for WordPress.

Reports and Dashboards:

MonsterInsights provides an intuitive dashboard within WordPress’ admin interface where you can access reports relating to form submissions and other tracked events, eliminating the need to navigate directly to Google Analytics for this information.

MonsterInsights and its addons may have undergone changes since my last update on September 20, 2021; I recommend visiting either their official website or WordPress plugin repository to gain the latest details regarding Forms Tracking addon and other features offered by MonsterInsights.

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Enhance form conversions on WordPress using MonsterInsights Forms Tracking. Monitor submissions, refine user experience, and drive success.

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