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Perfmatters WordPress Performance Plugin 2.1.9


Perfmatters is a well-known WordPress performance plugin designed to assist website owners and administrators in optimizing their WordPress sites for speed and efficiency.

Perfmatters WordPress Performance Plugin is a plugin developed by a company called Perfmatters that is widely used by WordPress users to enhance performance, reduce load times, and enhance overall user experience. We will discuss Perfmatters features, benefits, and how you can utilize them to optimize your WordPress website in this detailed overview.

“Optimizing your website’s performance with Perfmatters is like fine-tuning a masterpiece; every adjustment brings you closer to digital perfection.”

Perfmatters WordPress Performance Plugin

Key Features:

Script Management:

Perfmatters provides you with an effective tool for script management on individual pages or posts, enabling you to disable unnecessary scripts and stylesheets that take up resources when they’re no longer necessary and thus improving page load times significantly. This feature can also prevent resource-intensive scripts from loading at times when they shouldn’t, further speeding up page load times.

Lazy Loading:

This plugin supports lazy loading for images, iframes, and videos. Lazy loading delays the loading of off-screen images to reduce page loading time – ideal for websites featuring plenty of images and media content.

Database Optimization:

Perfmatters provides database optimization tools to clean out your WordPress database of unwanted data such as revisions, spam comments, and transients – helping increase site performance while decreasing server load.

DNS Prefetching and Preconnecting:

DNS prefetching and reconnection allow you to optimize user experiences when they visit external domains, providing faster connection times when visitors come to your website and decreasing latency.

CDN Integration:

Perfmatters seamlessly integrates with popular Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), such as Cloudflare and KeyCDN, for global asset distribution that reduces server load while speeding up load times for visitors from different geographic locations.

Disable Emojis and Embeds:

WordPress features such as emojis and embeds can be disabled to reduce HTTP requests made by your site and enhance performance.

Heartbeat Control:

WordPress utilizes a feature known as the Heartbeat API for real-time updates and post autosaving. Perfmatters allows you to manage the frequency of Heartbeat requests to reduce server resource consumption.

Google Fonts Optimization:

If your site employs Google Fonts, hosting or postponing their loading can significantly improve performance while decreasing external requests.

Remove Query Strings:

Asset URLs may contain query strings that interfere with optimal caching. Perfmatters provides a way to eliminate these query strings for improved cache compatibility and faster load times.

WooCommerce Optimization:

Perfmatters provides WooCommerce websites with customized optimizations, such as disabling scripts on non-shop pages and disabling unnecessary WooCommerce features to enhance the overall shopping experience and increase conversions.

Import/Export Settings:

Perfmatters makes it simple and cost-effective to replicate optimization efforts across multiple websites with its convenient export/import feature, making it possible to quickly export/import settings between WordPress sites.

Perfmatters Benefits of Use:

Improved Page Speed: mes By eliminating unnecessary HTTP requests, optimizing scripts, and employing lazy loading techniques, Perfmatters helps enhance page loading times on websites, which has an immensely positive effect on SEO and user experience.

Reduced Server Load:

Optimizing this plugin may result in reduced server loads, helping save on hosting costs while keeping your website stable even during traffic surges.

Enhancing User Experience:

With faster-loading pages and smoother browsing experiences comes higher user engagement and reduced bounce rates, leading to more engagement from visitors and reducing bounce rates.

Improve SEO Rankings and Organic Traffic:

Google considers page speed a ranking factor, meaning a faster website could increase SEO rankings and organic traffic.

How to Use Perfmatters:


Simply activate and install the Perfmatters plugin via your WordPress dashboard as any other WordPress plugin would.


Once activated, navigate to the Perfmatters settings within your WordPress dashboard. There you can configure and activate/disable optimizations according to your individual needs.

Testing and Monitoring:

After configuring the settings, it’s crucial to monitor your website’s performance using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, or Pingdom so as to measure any improvements that have occurred.

Ongoing Maintenance:

Perform regular reviews and adjust settings as necessary. Performance optimization is an ongoing process; your settings may need to be modified as your website evolves.

Perfmatters is an efficient WordPress performance plugin designed to optimize your website for speed and efficiency. With its broad selection of features and ease of use, Perfmatters serves both newcomers and experienced WordPress users looking to boost performance, reduce load times, improve overall user experience, and gain a competitive edge online. By taking advantage of all its capabilities, you can make your WordPress site faster, more efficient, and more competitive in online environments – thus improving visitor satisfaction with each visit to your site!

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Boost WordPress speed with Perfmatters: Script management, lazy loading, and more for faster, efficient sites.

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