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WP Smush Pro by WPMU DEV was one of the top WordPress plugins at my last knowledge update in September 2021, designed to optimize and compress images on websites running WordPress.

This helps improve website performance, decrease page loading times and ultimately enhance user experience. While some changes or updates may have taken place since my knowledge update in September 2021, please check its official website or documentation for the most up-to-date information.

“WP Smush Pro by WPMU DEV: Where pixels meet perfection, and loading times embrace the extraordinary.”


Here is a detailed review of WP Smush Pro:

1. Image Compression:

WP Smush Pro’s primary feature is image compression. It automatically compresses and optimizes images that you upload to WordPress media libraries using advanced image optimization techniques that reduce file sizes without compromising image quality.

2. Bulk Smushing:

WP Smush premium offers the ability to optimize existing images in your media library with bulk optimization – this feature is particularly beneficial if your website contains numerous images requiring compression.

3. Lazy Loading:

Lazy loading is a technique that defers image upload until they becomes visible within a user’s viewport. WP Smush Pro offers lazy loading options for images to further improve page loading times and save bandwidth costs.

4. Automatic Image Resizing:

WP Smush premium allows you to define maximum dimensions for images uploaded to your website, then automatically resizes and compresses them to fit within those boundaries so as to not serve unnecessarily large images.

5. Image Format Conversions:

This feature allows you to convert images automatically to more efficient formats, such as WebP. WebP images are known for having smaller file sizes while maintaining good quality; therefore enhancing page speed.

6. Directory Smushing:

WP Smush Pro offers the ability to optimize images located outside the media library, such as those within theme and plugin folders. This comprehensive approach ensures all of your site images are optimized.

7. Integration with Third-Party Plugins:

WP Smush premium is compatible with numerous page builders, e-commerce plugins, and third-party plugins, making it a flexible option for WordPress websites with different requirements.

8. Statistics and Reports:

This plugin provides detailed statistics and reports regarding the optimization progress of your images so that you can monitor how much space has been saved while also tracking how your website’s performance has increased.

9. Support and Updates Available 24/7:

For your peace of mind, our support and updates team offers 24-hour assistance and updates. WPMU DEV is known for providing outstanding customer support and regular plugin updates, something subscribers to WP Smush Pro have access to in order to stay compliant with the most up-to-date versions and best practices of WordPress.

10. Compatibility and Performance:

WP Smush Pro was designed to work seamlessly with most WordPress themes and plugins, having only minimal impact on website performance, ensuring your site stays fast and responsive.

11. Subscription Model:

WP Smush Pro is a premium plugin and typically requires a subscription in order to gain access to its full array of features and ongoing support. There may be different pricing plans depending on the number of websites where it will be implemented.

Please keep in mind that plugin features and prices may change over time, so for the latest information and pricing details, it is advisable to visit WPMU DEV or consult their documentation on a plugin’s availability or to make significant updates or modifications before backing up your website.

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