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Yoast News SEO Premium is a WordPress plugin designed to optimize websites for inclusion in Google News and to boost their overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance. Please be aware that updates or modifications have likely occurred since then; for the latest information and advice, please visit their official website or refer to their documentation.

“Crafting news with precision, Yoast News SEO Premium is the golden key to unlocking Google News’ gates.”

What is Yoast News SEO Premium?

Yoast News SEO Premium is an extension of Yoast SEO specifically tailored for news websites and publishers, helping publishers optimize their content to comply with Google News guidelines and requirements. Google News aggregates news articles from different sources; featuring there can increase website visibility and traffic significantly for news publishers.

Key Features and Benefits:


Google News Optimization:

Yoast News SEO Premium will assist in optimizing your content to meet Google News’ stringent inclusion requirements, such as formatting text and setting publication dates; additionally, this tool ensures your website follows its guidelines.

XML News Sitemaps:

This plugin creates custom XML sitemaps tailored specifically for Google News, making it easier for their web crawlers to index your news articles quickly.

Custom Title and Meta Description Templates:

Custom title and meta description templates allow you to design user- and SEO-friendly news articles, creating engaging headlines and descriptions that draw the attention of search engine users and prompt clicks from them.

Yoast News SEO Premium helps you manage canonical URLs to ensure search engines understand which version of an article should be treated as the original source and avoid duplicate content issues.

Advanced News SEO Analysis:

Content Analysis Service by IntellicastTM delivers in-depth content analysis services, including checks for keywords, image optimization, and readability to enhance the overall quality of news articles.

Integration with Google News Publisher Center:

Yoast News SEO Premium integrates seamlessly with the Google News Publisher Center, making it simpler than ever for news websites to submit themselves for inclusion and manage publication within this platform.

Breadcrumb Support:

Breadcrumbs are an indispensable navigational feature on news websites. With this plugin, it becomes easier than ever to set up and optimize breadcrumbs for optimal user experience and search engine visibility.

Content Insights:

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your content through features such as internal linking suggestions, cornerstone content analysis, and more.

24/7 Support:

Customers of premium Yoast plugins typically benefit from accessing 24/7 customer support, making sure that when help is required, they can receive it in a timely manner.

How to use Yoast News SEO Premium: Step-by-Step Instructions:


Install and Activate:

First, it is necessary to download and install Yoast News SEO Premium onto your WordPress website from Yoast’s official website.

Configure Settings:

After activation, it’s important to customize your plugin settings according to the needs of your website – this may involve setting up XML sitemaps, title templates, or other features as required.

Optimize Content:

When writing or editing news articles, utilize this plugin’s features to optimize them for Google News. This may involve filling out publication dates and meeting Google guidelines, as well as optimizing titles and meta descriptions.

Monitor Performance:

Keep an eye on your website’s performance in Google News by using the plugin’s insights and monitoring tools, making adjustments as needed to enhance rankings and visibility.


To unlock all its features, Yoast News SEO Premium requires a paid license from you – pricing may differ depending on which license type and website type are being used; please visit Yoast’s official website for current pricing information.

Yoast News SEO Premium is an indispensable tool for news publishers using WordPress who wish to optimize their content for inclusion in Google News and improve overall news SEO performance. It provides a range of features and tools designed to make content optimization faster and more efficient than ever.

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Google News stardom awaits! Yoast News SEO Premium ensures your news articles shine bright in search results.

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