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Advanced Custom Fields ACF Pro | Original License | One Time Payment


Advanced Custom Fields ACF Pro is an award-winning WordPress plugin that makes creating and managing custom fields simple for websites using WordPress. With its user-friendly interface for adding fields such as posts, pages, custom post types, and users – as well as its advanced features compared to its free counterpart – ACF Pro stands out among competitors as being both accessible and user-friendly.

“Transforming WordPress with ACF Pro’s elegance: Customization simplified, creativity amplified. Embrace the original license, empower your vision.”

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro

Here is a detailed overview of ACF Pro’s features and licensing model:

1. Purpose and Features:

ACF Pro’s purpose and features include streamlining the process of adding additional data fields to WordPress content types such as posts and pages – particularly beneficial to developers, designers, and site administrators looking to customize how their WordPress sites present and manage content.

Key features of ACF Pro:

  • Variety of Field Types
  • Repeatable Fields
  • Flexible Content Fields
  • Conditional Logic
  • Options Pages
  • Integrating Themes and Plugins

Variety of Field Types:

This plugin adds a user-friendly graphical user interface within the WordPress admin area that enables users to quickly and effortlessly create and manage custom fields without writing complex code.

ACF Pro offers a variety of field types, such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, select dropdowns, date pickers, file uploads, and many more – enabling flexible data input in an easy format.

Repeatable Fields:

ACF Pro offers repeatable fields that enable users to add multiple sets of data in one field at the same time – especially useful when adding addresses or testimonials, for example.

Flexible Content Fields:

With flexible content fields, you can create repeatable blocks of text with different field arrangements – an invaluable feature when building dynamic layouts on pages.

Conditional Logic:

With conditional logic, you can set rules to show or hide fields based on their values in other fields. This feature improves user experience while eliminating clutter on the content creation screen.

Options Pages:

ACF Pro gives you the ability to create custom options pages within WordPress admin for managing site-wide settings in one convenient place.

Integrating Themes and Plugins:

ACF Pro’s fields can easily be integrated into custom themes and plugins, enabling developers to easily build themes or plugins that take advantage of the custom data fields created with ACF Pro.

2. Licensing:

ACF Pro employs a premium licensing model. As of my last update, there were two primary licensing options available to users of ACF Pro:

  • Personal License
  • Developer License

Personal License:

A Personal License enables ACF Pro to be installed and used on one website only, making it ideal for bloggers, freelancers, or small businesses needing advanced custom fields for one specific project.

Developer License:

Our developer license enables ACF Pro use on an unlimited number of websites, making it ideal for web developers, agencies and businesses that manage multiple WordPress websites for multiple clients.

3. Original License and One-time Payment:

ACF Pro’s licensing model is built around one-time payments for your chosen license type. Once purchased, you receive access to the ACF Pro plugin, updates, and support for an agreed-upon period (usually one year). After expiration occurs, the plugin will still function, though without updates or support until renewed by renewing the license agreement.

Keep in mind that software licensing models may evolve over time, so before making any purchasing decisions, it’s advisable to double-check information from ACF Pro’s official website or other reliable sources.

ACF Pro: Tailor WordPress content effortlessly. Varied fields, conditional logic, and more. Choose the original license now!

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